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WOOOOOO HOOOOO! I am standing as the anthem is played while you are on the podium. High five! Now that's Olympic spirit! Not only did you persevere to the end, it is beeeyoooteeeful! That is one lucky couple to get that gift.


I love how all those colors come together to make it something extra special! Love it! Congrats on the gold. :)

Lisa in Oregon

Woot! It's a stunner, Marie...love the colors! I'm still chugging along on Rogue...but really happy with how far I got.


Congrats! It looks great! That much knitting in two weeks definitely deserves a gold medal. Or chocolate. :)


Congratulations! It turned out beatifully. And as a bonus, now we can see that White Lies design more. :)




Gorgeous throw!


Gorgeous, Marie! Your creations always inspire the texture freak in me ;)


Fabulous - definitely you capture the gold!!! Great color combos!


Knitti-Me: This gorgeous piece reminded me of my Paternal Grandmother. I actually own a blanket that she made from first shearing the wool from sheep in Bulgaria. She dyed the wool Red, then wove together four sections. Atop the entire spread is given a shredded fiber effect and it is warm! I once hung it in an apartment. She willed it to me. It is the kind of weaving no one does anymore. Sorry I don't know enough to be specific.

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