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Yowza! Love it! Eye-popping, eye-candy!

Lisa In Oregon

Ditto to Bron's comment....I love it!


Oh my, those are some lush-uss colors! Can't wait to see it fini! Great job, Marie.


nice contrast of colors and textures. Would make a nice wall hanging (if in different colors). Here from michele's...


Hi thanks for dropping by my site, just to put you out of your misery it was a joke comparing Life of Brian to Gibsons more recent film 'The Passion of Christ'!


Just a glimpse of it, but I can tell it's going to be beautiful! I've attempted knitting a few times - I've not gotten farther than one really long row I can't seem to move on from. :) I envy you.

Michele sent me over.

OldOldLady Of The Hills

I love being able to see the individual wools so clearly...Very Very Interesting!

Here from Michele today!


OH pretty!

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