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Look at you!! I bet you feel fantastic too, and that's the very best part. Good health and smaller jeans ;)

Keep up the good work and sticking to it!!


Wow! You look amazing. I'm so impressed by your accomplishment and willpower.


Congratulations Marie! You look great, and as usual, your hair looks fabulous too!

I'm almost ready to ditch my hair stylist and try yours!


Congrats - that's fantastic!! What an inspiration - you look great!!!!!!!


WOW!! You look wonderful!!!


WOWOW you look great - and so happy! Your body language (with your new body) speaks volumes! CONGRATS!


You look Fabulous!


You go, girl! you look amazing! A 10, huh? I'll never see those days again...lol


Hey, you look great! Losing weight is always a great feeling! Hopefully you can keep it up. If you ever need any hairstyle advice, check out http://www.hairstyleswatch.com They have lots of pics and good advice in the forum!


i hopped over from Bron's blog. i've never been to your blog before, but i have to say congratulations. you look wonderful!!!


Just so you know I have been coveting your sweaters and that awesome hat you made, now you are looking so good with those jeans on...I hope you are going to let us in on how you lost that weight, good job!

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